Integra PP RAZR

Printing up to 34 mm in height, on almost any surface of a product, is now very easy with the latest printing technology of the new integrated PP RAZR industrial inkjet printer. The print head combines impressive speed with sharp resolution and built-in redundancy. An intermediate tank allows for uninterrupted printing during ink cartridge changes. Thanks to its very compact design, integration into your production and logistics lines will be a piece of cake.

Up to 34 millimeters print height

The maximum printing height of a single RAZR print head is 34mm. Since up to four print heads can be cascaded, the device can perform large character prints with a height of up to 136 mm. It is also possible to print very small characters of only 1.5 mm in height.

Integrated redundancy

The Integra PP RAZR has two separate nozzle lines that can be controlled independently of each other. If one nozzle fails, the second line ensures that the printed image remains high quality and streak-free. The information can be read automatically at any time during the subsequent logistics process.

Impressive speed

With a print speed of up to 150 m/min at 300 dpi, the Integra PP RAZR prints plain text, codes and graphics on various types of surfaces.

High resolution printing

With the integra PP RAZR it is possible to obtain print quality of up to 600 dpi. If desired, the printer can print in different gray scales.


Unlike other drop-on-demand printing systems, where the print head is replaced every time the cartridge is changed, the integra PP RAZR has a permanent, environmentally friendly print head.

Smart Ink Variety

The Integra PP RAZR uses solvent inks that can be used to mark both absorbent materials, such as cardboard, and non-absorbent surfaces, such as metals. It has ink cartridges with a capacity of 250 ml for long and uninterrupted work cycles.

Reliable process

An intermediate tank provides an additional safety margin and allows uninterrupted printing during cartridge changes.

Inks with RFID technology

Using RFID chips mounted on the cartridges, the printer immediately recognizes the corresponding ink type and automatically adjusts all marker parameters to the ink inserted. In addition, RFID technology allows you to control the ink level in real time.

Easy to integrate

Any number of print layouts can be stored in the printer's internal memory and nine of them can be accessed directly by simply pressing a button to start printing. Variable print data can be transferred via Ethernet, EIA232 or a USB stick.