Granit 1990iXR & 1991iXR Ultra-Rugged Extended Range Scanners

Ensure maximum productivity and uptime with the ultra-rugged Granit ™ 1990iXR and 1991iXR Extended Range Barcode Scanners. Best in class durability to ensure low TCO. Superior scanning performance ensures that even poor quality or corrupted codes can be read quickly. Granit XP expands features and redefines ultra-rugged scanning.

Building on a legacy of successful implementations, the next generation of Granit™ XP scanners expand its capabilities and redefine ultra-rugged scanning. With best-in-class drop resistance (3m), the Granit™ XP is designed to continue to function after impact from loading docks, forklift trucks and pick-up trucks. 1m drop test indicates long-term durability with daily bumps and drops from workstation or waist height. Best-in-class 7,000 shock resistance ensures Granit™ scanners are ready for long-term operation. And they have IP67 dust and moisture sealing protection for scanning in demanding conditions.

With FlexRange technology, the Granit 1990iXR and 1991iXR models start with near-area scanning and expand to read UPC codes from up to 1.5m, and 2.54mm labels from 10m, seamlessly handling a variety of warehouse workflows. /distribution and manufacturing centers. It is common to have labels in poor condition in warehouses/distribution centers due to poor print quality or damage during handling. Granit XP, built on Honeywell's next-generation imaging platform, ensures that labels that would otherwise be a problem don't create a bottleneck in your process.

The Granit ™ XP 1990iXR and 1991iXR models offer high durability and scanning performance for scanning operations from contact to the top shelf of a warehouse. Created for applications where high speed scanning is necessary to maximize productivity and where durability is essential to keep cost of ownership low, the Granit ™ XP 1990iXR and 1991iXR scanners offer the perfect solution.

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Wearable 8680i


The portable mini 8680i portable terminal is Honeywell's most advanced, compact and ergonomic high-performance Bluetooth-compliant scanning solution; It can be carried with one hand and is designed to help companies streamline high-volume workflows such as picking, sorting, stocking, and packing, increasing speed and efficiency with each transaction.

The 8680 Smart Mobile Terminal is a compact, high-performance wireless hands-free scanner designed to improve business workflow efficiency.
The standard version offers a lightweight and ergonomic Bluetooth® compatible portable reading terminal that also provides accurate communication of wireless connection, battery status and scan results.

The advanced model of the 8680i smart handheld terminal is equipped with Wi-Fi and a customizable user-facing display, enabling support for workflows
optimized on a single device. The device displays key information to the worker so that they can perform picking, packing, or sorting tasks, as well as the interface
Two-button allows task-specific responses (for example, confirm the completion of the action or mark an exception).

Configuration options allow you to adapt the 8680i to your environment. It is available in two formats: two-finger ring or glove (coming soon); and can be used with slim or long life batteries to suit duty cycle, shift length, and size / weight priorities. Available in a standard version for simple Bluetooth-compliant data capture or an advanced version that works independently for targeted workflows, the 8680i smart handheld adds efficiency and effectiveness to the most common tasks.

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