"The FX5UJ PLC arrives to offer the OEM a profitable and robust solution"

The new Mitsubishi Electric FX5UJ PLC is positioned as an intermediate solution with great potential in today's market. The new control system has been launched to offer the machine builder a cost-effective solution that retains the durability, robustness and precision of the Japanese brand.
Performance has been improved without losing ease of use, a value that Mitsubishi Electric considers essential for its customers. We emphasize that the FX5UJ, which can already have up to 256 control points with a built-in 24, 40 and 60 Input and Output (I / O) CPU module, provides excellent performance for a wide range of applications at a cost effective price, and It includes
the diverse range of functions incorporated in the superior FX5U series.

We have a launch promotion until the end of the year at the following link:

Promo FX5J