First multi-protocol variable frequency drive with corrosion detection

The latest FR-E800 series of drives offers PLC functionality and closed loop control, predictive maintenance functions, Ethernet protocols, and built-in corrosion alert on electronics.

Mitsubishi Electric has launched a series of highly flexible and compact frequency inverters with multiple communication protocols, including CC-Link IE TSN (Time Sensitive Networking), Profinet, Ethernet-IP, EtherCAT*, Modbus TCP, among others. These high-bandwidth networks are incorporated to support the needs of smart factories. Sectors such as the production of machinery for the automotive industry, food, pharmaceuticals and water treatment will benefit from the control capabilities. Using AI, the FR-E800 reduces downtime thanks to its extensive predictive maintenance capabilities including the world's first corrosion alert system. The drives also achieve high performance control of induction and permanent magnet motors up to Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 3.

The FR-E800 series offers greater flexibility by incorporating multiple protocols without the need for additional cards. Major industrial Ethernet networks are supported as standard, including CC-Link IE TSN. Network flexibility is also increased by the two built-in Ethernet ports that support line, ring, and star topologies.

To improve predictive maintenance, the drive features the industry's first corrosive gas environment detection circuit. In conjunction with the AI ​​diagnostics technology in Mitsubishi Electric drives, this helps reduce overall downtime by allowing early identification and resolution of error causes without the need for specialized skills.

To maintain safety and productivity, the drive supports SIL2 and 3PLe safety standards. Security functionality is built in as standard without the need for a encoder and includes features like Safe Torque Off (STO), Safe Stop 1 (SS1), Safe Brake Control (SBC) y Safe Speed Monitor (SSM).

The built-in PLC functionality that is configured through the FR-Configurator2 software allows for enhanced and personalized control. Thanks to this PLC, the drive is equipped with greater intelligence, allowing multiple units to be controlled by a single E800 master, saving the cost of an external PLC. The FR-E800 has an advanced autotuning that allows driving surface permanent magnet (SPM), internal permanent magnet (IPM) motors and, soon, synchronous reluctance motors. Control modes are supported including closed loop vector control (with encoder), real open loop vector control (without encoder), and open loop positioning.

With scalable power for a variety of applications, the FR-E800 series has a power of 0.1 kW to 7.5 kW that will be expanded in the future to 22kW *, in voltages of 220, 400 and 575 V three-phase.

1 * Available from 2021