A memory 10

The new Memor ™ PDA 10 PDA is one of the most advanced and competitive devices that Datalogic has launched in recent years!

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The superior performance of this full touch Android ™ PDA allows its use in a multitude of applications in various environments.

Memor PDA 10 provides the power and performance of a smartphone and a user-friendly experience in a thin, compact device with integrated 2D imager. It also features the first wireless charging system for a load Datalogic without ultra reliable contacts combined with an interchangeable battery for increased operational advantage.

The PDA 10 also includes a Memor octa-core generation platform Android 8.1 (Oreo) with GMS. These specifications were highly valued by Google, who validated the PDA Memor 10 as one of the first mobile devices to join its 'Android Enterprise Recommended' for rugged devices!

The Memor 10 PDA is also available in a version Healthcare includes the same features as the standard but with a housing that can be cleaned and accessories specific version.

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