Datalogic's Imager 2D family of readers will transform your ability to manage your traceability in all fixed scanner applications in logistics, intralogistics and manufacturing plants. They provide leading performance, flexibility, and low total cost of ownership for machine builders and end users. They effortlessly read the most difficult printed labels and directly marked parts. All 2D imager readers have the features and capabilities necessary to deliver the highest possible performance and the most reliable performance. These features include easy setup with continuous feedback, a wide range of modular lenses and lighting options, and industrial network connectivity for any situation. Using the latest in sensor technology, Datalogic 2D Imager readers offer the most cost-effective fixed scanner solutions on the market. Datalogic Imager 2D readers are equipped with the latest generation CMOS sensors that provide incredible performance. The various sensors in 2D imagers have resolutions ranging from WVGA to 5MP, providing the ideal device to maximize your return on investment. The combination of its advanced image processing electronics and intelligent lighting solutions offers a family of high-speed imager readers that can easily decipher the most difficult to read barcodes, such as intralogistics, or barcodes. DPM, such as those in the automotive and electronics industries. The combination of a large field of view and an astonishing depth of field also provides the ability to meet the highest speed demands present in the packaging industry. High-end imagers also feature advanced dynamic multi-focus options, including Datalogic's exclusive sequential focusing that doubles the depth of field without the need for external focus input devices. All 2D Imager readers are designed and manufactured to meet the most demanding fixed scanner applications. 2D Imager readers are built to deliver maximum performance in the most competitive conditions.