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Fixed industrial scanning solutions are designed specifically for applications that are not constantly attended to by operators and are used in a wide variety of industries. Fixed scanners offer various interfaces to connect your company's PLCs, servers or ERP, in virtually any fieldbus protocol, providing real value in how your organization uses this business intelligence data. With Datalogic's wide range of fixed industrial scanners, customers can get a solution suited to their needs. From printed 1D and 2D barcodes, to direct part marking (DPM), to Digimarc™ packaging, Datalogic offers a solution for almost all barcode reading applications, whether your application requires scanning capabilities of image-based, omnidirectional or laser barcodes.

Reading using fixed readers allows innovative companies to increase their performance, improve their accuracy and add a high level of traceability to their manufacturing, storage, logistics and distribution processes. Integrating fixed industrial scanners into these types of applications provides a cost-effective way to increase and improve internal processes without the hassle of adding additional staff and overhead. Since 1972, Datalogic helps you maximize your organization's capacity with innovative fixed industrial scanning technologies.