After launching models 5.7 and 15 inches, FUJI ELECTRIC complete the full range of models of the new series of touch screens MONITOUCH V9.

MONITOUCH new V9 have excellent operating performance, a high resolution graphics, a huge list of new features and introduces a new concept of communications, making the leap from the simple HMI (human machine interface) to WMI (Web machine interface), enabling remote connection through V-Power cloud (Service in the cloud) In an easy way, quickly and safely (connectionVPN).

Monitouch V9

There are 3 different ranges within the V9 series: the range lite (5.7, 8.4 and 10 inches), the range standard (8.4, 10.4, 12.1 and 15 inches) and range advanced (7 and 10.1 inches panoramic, ability to select point Wireless Integrated Access Y Capacitive touch model).

With the new software programming V-SFT v.6With a complete graphics libraryMore intuitive and based on menus tape, And navigating through maximized iconsIt is possible to make the most of the possibilities offered by the new hardware.

Greater interaction of the local internal menu as well as a bar icons status of communications connected devices (PLC and controllers in serial and Ethernet ports), makes it very accessible and quick diagnosis of the current state of the touch screen.