The XRF410N™, named for its extended Reading Field, is a solution based on the new Matrix 410N™ platform for material handling and
sortation in the logistics industry.
XRF410N™ is designed and built for a broad variety of material handling applications with transportation speeds up to 2.2 m/s (433 fpm) for
medium sized objects, with typical scanning depths of 400 mm (15.7 in.).
The XRF410N™ is the perfect solution for e-commerce small object automated order fulfilment systems or postal logistics flats sortation applications.


  • EASY TO SELECT THE CORRECT MODEL: No technical analysis is required. Just code dimension, conveyor width and speed are necessary to determine the correct version of XRF410N™…and it is just a single part number!
  • EASY TO INSTALL: The XRF410N™ is a fully functional, Matrix solution that is pre-assembled and configured at the factory, resulting in easy, fast installation on-site.
  • INCREASE CUSTOMER PRODUCTIVITY: XRF410N™ runs the most updated Datalogic decoding engine, fully capable of successfully scan hard-to-read, damaged or poor quality codes.
  • EASE OF USE: XRF410N™ is equipped with the new DL.CODE software, providing even more ease of use through live image display, graphical configurations, embedded reading statistics and diagnostics.
  • SOLVES THE MOST DEMANDING SORTATION APPLICATIONS: Through the patent pending PackTrack 2D, XRF410N is perfect for high speed sortation with short intra-cell gaps (as with cross-belt, split-trays).
  • EASY TO MONITOR AND VALIDATE STATUS: The CBX500 connection box can be optionally equipped with a display and a memory block for automatic reader replacement in case of failure. The patented Green Spot  indicates a good read for easy validation.

This product series has been developed to satisfy to requirements of the following reference applications:

  • E-Commerce

XRF410N™ is the perfect solution for ECommerce, with a reconfigured retail code EAN/UPC 0.25 mm (10 mil) resolution, a small cell gap with 2D PackTrack software and code reconstruction for polybags.

  • General material handling with reusable totes

XRF410N™ is optimal for reusable totes identification over handling systems. Complex operations including scanning the objects inside totes are simplified by the XRF410N’s large, real time Depth of Field (DOF).

  • End-of-line

XRF410N™ is designed to fit medium speed material handling, such as end-of-line manufacturing, with a price level equivalent to entry-level scanning technology.

  • Postal Sorting

XRF410N™ is optimal for top reading of flyers, letters and small parcels typical in the postal environment.

  • Medium object sortation for couriers

XRF410N™ is a perfect fit for medium size conveyors in logistics productions.
For instance, a single XRF410N™ covers a 600 mm conveyor with, with a DOF of 400 at 2.2 m/s.