The AV7000 camera system delivers 360-degree high speed package intelligence for any material handling system having conveyors, tilt trays and cross belt sorters.  With superior optic performance, the AV7000 is the cornerstone of any data array designed to manage package identification for distribution centers, parcel facilities, and warehouses worldwide.
A high sensitivity CMOS sensor and patented lighting technology provide high definition, clear, crisp images, from one to six sides at high speeds. Images can be exported in full definition or compressed formats. Evolving from the award winning AV6010 and NVS9000 linear cameras, the new AV7000 is the next generation Auto-ID solution unlike any other available on the market today.
From boxes and parcels to flats and polybags, the AV7000 identification array guarantees superior performance on high speed conveyor systems, ensuring the best efficiencies for material handling solutions.


  • Market leading performance covering large conveyors up to 1400 mm/55 inches
  • New generation CMOS sensor with 40% greater sensitivity offering superior image quality for very fast conveyor applications
  • High quality “single shot” complete images avoiding “puzzle effect”
  • Multi-format Image saving and HD image quality perfectly suitable for Videocoding and OCR
  • Patented Autofocus System offering extended DOF
  • Patented Digital Zoom technology with constant DPI resolution
  • Next generation decode algorithm reads poor quality labels on very noisy backgrounds delivering measurably higher bar code read rates
  • Patented Pulsed Illumination Control (PLS) for Minimal Tunnel Footprint
  • Stop-N-Go technology offering 100% reading performance for irregular speed conveyor lines


  • Parcel and Item sorting
  • DWS Systems
  • OCR and Video coding
  • Automate Receiving and Shipping
  • Reverse Logistics