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Serial Connectivity

Traffic Signage
–        3G wireless interface for long distance messages transmission.
–        RS-232/422/485 serial interface are requested.
–        Industrial grade hardware to avoid surge and other electric interferences
–        Flexible power inputs for power installation
–        Device supports Web GUI access for easy management

Network Topology

Nautilus Infotech Solutions
Some high speed ways or streets need to set-up the signage to notice the road users. This can assist to create the road users’ safety and traffic smoothly. But in many places, there are not have fixed lines of communication between management center and signage equipment. Nautilus Infotech provides a 3G wireless serial converter which can solve the fixed line’s connectivity issue. This converter, can support dual band UMTS/HSPDA and quad band GSM/GPRS/EDGE protocols. The max data rate can reach up to 3.6Mbps by HSDPA.

Nautilus Infotech designs a serial combo port which supports RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485 by software selection. In the current market, RS-232 interface is more popular. But there is a long distance connection benefit in RS-422 and RS-485. In this converter, the various serial interfaces can support different signage equipment interfaces. To deploy a signage system become quickly and easily.

Considering the power inputs, the converter is built in two types of power connector. One is the power jack for external power adapter plug in. Another is the DC terminal block for DC power input directly. The DC power range can support 9~24V DC. According this power range, it can be installed very flexibly.

Nautilus Infotech’s serial to 3G converter is built in the web-based GUI configuration. Such user friendly configuration can configure the device conveniently. Not only this, but also has password to have high security protection. The converter has embedded RJ45 port for local management once the 3G interface is not yet ready in initial state.

To meet the street cabinet environment, the serial to 3G converter supports the operating temperature from 0~65 degree C, high surge protection and built in 15KV ESD protection in serial interfaces.

Product Related

Part Number Description
STW-1001C-G-0303 1*RS-232/RS-422/485 + 1*3G with 2dBi antenna + 3*D/I + 3*D/O, serial to 3G wireless converter  (0°C~65°C)