Smart Building Control System
–        RS-232/422/485 interface for connecting the meters and sensors.
–        Ethernet switches with PoE feature for IP Cameras
–        Digital I/O interfaces embedded to control the digital I/O equipment.
–        Modbus gateway with serial and digital I/O integrated to save the space limitation
–        Easy management in serial converters and switches.

Network Topology

Nautilus Infotech’s Solution
Nautilus Infotech provides a total solution for equipment connections in smart building control system, including the serial RS-232/422/485 converters, serial Modbus gateway and Industrial Ethernet Switches.

Nautilus Infotech’s serial converters have the serial to Ethernet types, serial to USB types, serial to wireless types and serial to serial types. According to the various requirements, the serial interfaces can support RS-232 only or RS-422/485 only or RS-232/422/485 combo design. Modbus is one of the popular protocols for smart building deployment at present. Nautilus also designs the serial Modbus gateway and Industrial Ethernet with Modbus protocol to fulfill the requirements.

Many smart building networks not only receive the messages or signals from the environments, but also need some actions in some special states. Nautilus’ STE-1101C-0803 which is the one of the serial to Ethernet types can provides multiple digital inputs and digital outputs ports. This model can connect 8 digital power meters or digital sensors in input ports and then base on the PLC (programmable logic controller) server’s instructions to transmit the digital signals to caution light or fire alarm or lighting switch in output ports.

Nautilus Infotech provides a series ruggedized Gigabit PoE switches. The PoE switches’ port numbers are from 5 ports to 12 ports which can support PoE power up to 30watt per port to comply the IEEE802.3at and IEEE802.3af standard. These switches can help to deploy the IP surveillance network simply and easily by PoE’s feature. Only need Ethernet cables to support data and power at a time. Some of Nautilus’ managed PoE switches have a PoE detection feature. This intelligent function can detect the IP camera’s status periodically and to reset the IP camera’s power automatically once the IP camera is hung.

To meet the high reliability of smart building network, Nautilus’ industrial PoE switches have the dual power inputs and wide operating temperature from -40 oC to 75 oC. The metal housing design of serial converters also can set up in the harden environment to make a stable connection. For easy management and configuration, Nautilus designs the friendly web interfaces in switches and serial converters. All of the features are target to build up a smart building network more simply and quickly.

Product Offering
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