Factory Automation
–        Full managed/unmanaged Gigabit Ethernet ports for future proof requirements
–        At least 2 fiber uplink ports for ring protection with fast recovery
–        Dual power inputs to have high reliability network
–        Some environments need to aggregate the bandwidth.

Network Topology

Nautilus Infotech’s Solution
Nautilus Infotech is devoted to developing the Industrial automation application. We provides various types of Industrial Ethernet switches for industrial automation communication network, including

  • Ÿ   Gigabit managed Ethernet switches
  • Ÿ   Gigabit unmanaged Ethernet switches
  • Ÿ   Gigabit PoE Ethernet switches.

Nautilus’ IMS-G1204-T is a full Gigabit Industrial Ethernet switch which supports 8 ports 100/1000Base-T and 4 ports 1000Base-X SFP connectors. The four SFP uplink ports can easily set up a ring topology plus one uplink port to aggregation switch. The ring topology can provide a high reliability network connection and add Nautilus’ Ω-ring protection algorithm to reach the 20ms fast recovery. This model also provide the port trunking (LACP) to aggregate the ports for high bandwidth transmission.

Some Industrial automation environments plan to use unmanaged switches to connect the PLC devices. The benefit is to reduce the management switches efforts and can do the plug & play accordingly. Nautilus’ INS-G0800-T is an 8 port 100/1000Base-T which also is embedded two high priority ports. The high priority ports can be uplink ports to avoid the packet loss.

Nautilus Infotech’s Industrial Ethernet switches can operate in the temperature from -40oC to 75oC. The switches also support redundant power inputs and high level surge protection to build up a high reliable connection. Customers can deploy more stable systems with these key features.

Product Offering

Part Number Description
IMS-G1204A-T 8*100/1000Base-T + 4*100/1000Base-X SFP (-40°C~75°C)
INS-G0800-T 8*100/1000Base-T with two priority ports (-40°C~75°C)