The new KMDA-2630 Compact PC


The new KMDA-2630 Compact PC in the size of your hand with Intel Elkhart Lake CPUs

KMDA-2630 is a compact, fanless computer with ultra-low power consumption, with processors Intel Elkhart Lake SoC of the Celeron series of two or four cores. Supports Ethernet with speeds up to 2.5G and Hi-Speed ​​USB 3.1 gen2 to 10G. In addition, multiple interface possibilities, aluminum chassis for heat dissipation, and wide-voltage power supply make it suitable for machine vision, AGV/ARM, and data gateway applications.

Elkhart Lake Enhanced CPU Platform

The computer KMDA-2630 uses Intel Elkhart lake Celeron J6412 2.0-2.6GHz 4-core 4-thread SoC or ultra low power Celeron N6210 1.2-2.6GHz dual-core dual-thread processor. Compared with previous generation, Elkhart Lake CPU can increase 1.7 times the performance of single thread, multi-thread workload is increased by 1.5 times, and graphics performance is improved by 2 times.

Intel UHD Graphics 11th Gen

KMDA-2630 use graph I11th generation UHD ntel, which supports 1*HDMI+1*VGA.

Graphics acceleration performance is increased up to twice.

Support 3 independent displays, dual 4K display output.

Support 3 monitors simultaneously

Supports two monitors with resolution up to 4KP60

Powerful video encoding and decoding capability

Parallel decoding, support the new encoding H.265 through the integration of encoders and decoders.

Hardware coding: soporta H.265/HEVC, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, MPEG-2, JPEG/MJPEG ,VP8

Hardware decoding: soporta H.265/HEVC, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, MPEG-2, VC-1/WMV9, JPEG/MJPEG, VP8, VP9.

Rich in I / O interfaces

It includes three screens + two Ethernet RJ45 + two USB3.1 + two USB2.0 + two slots 1*2.5” SATA 3.0 (6.0Gbps) and 1*mSATA, supports AHCI).

Through the interface I-port, two ports can be expanded Ethernet RJ45 more or two interfaces CAN (ECB-260).

Reduced size

With a size of 155 x 111.8 x 65 mm, the compact computer KMDA-2630, for limited spaces.Download catalog

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Legi-Air 4050B Corner Wrap Twin


Legi-Air 4050B Corner Wrap Twin

The CornerWrap is part of the series Legi-Air 4050B, Weber's range of electrical printing and application systems. Designed to meet the aggregation needs of the pharmaceutical world, the Corner Wrap enables precise corner application, easily integrating into your production line.

What Makes the Corner Wrap Stand Out?

Be electric: He Corner Wrap is equipped with two independent linear applicators driven by electric motors, which allow to reduce up to 80% the compressed air consumption of the machine, drastically reducing the running costs of the system.

Be in shape: It is one of the most compact and versatile labeling systems on the market. Why? The two electric applicators allow maximum flexibility when applying labels to all corners of a box or alternatively to only one side.

Be sure: The new one CW4050 It is characterized by its low working forces and its intrinsically safe mechanical design.

Be quick: reach a 400mm per second print speed, allowing fast and accurate corner labeling.

Main features

Corner labeling with declaration of conformity, no need for additional security

Possibility of varying the corner to be labeled without mechanical changes

Multiflex hand for smooth application

Single side labeling possible

Both applicators are driven by stepper motors

Label application by gentle application and corner brushing

Diverse range of print engines available, all of them from the world's leading manufacturers: Zebra, Sato Novex, CAB, O’Neill

Developed for 24/7 operation.

All components, as well as replacement parts, are standard and sourced from world-leading brands, so quickly available and inexpensive

The base plate is stable and allows easy mounting with our wide range of brackets




Boost your productivity

The most advanced imager ever

The new and incredibly versatile Matrix 320™ is an imager barcode reader with a field of view unmatched in its category that will transform your traceability capabilities into logistics, intralogistics and factories. Machine builders and end users realize industry leading performance, flexibility and a low total cost of ownership, ensuring the most difficult printed labels and directly marked parts are readable. It has all the known features of the familia Matrix, including simple configuration with continuous information, a wide range of modular lens and lighting options, and industrial network connectivity for any situation. Additionally, it can be used in a fixed position, replacing the need for operators to manually scan items with traditional ones. manual barcode scanners. It really has everything you need.

Boost your operations

Superior performance in challenging applications

The new and incredibly versatile Matrix 320 is an imager barcode reader with a field of view unmatched in its category that will transform your traceability capabilities in all applications logistics, intralogistics and factories. Machine builders and end users realize industry leading performance, flexibility and a low total cost of ownership, ensuring the most difficult printed labels and directly marked parts are readable. It has all the known features of the familia Matrix, including simple configuration with continuous information, a wide range of modular lens and lighting options, and industrial network connectivity for any situation. Thanks to its latest in sensor technology, it provides the most cost-effective solution available on the market. Additionally, it can be used in a fixed position, replacing the need for operators to manually scan items with traditional ones. manual barcode scanners. It really has everything you need.

It is equipped with a sensor CMOS 16:9 state-of-the-art that provides incredible performance of 3MP from a sensor 2MP. When combined with advanced image processing electronics and smart lighting solutions, a high-speed 60fps imager is created that can easily decipher the most difficult-to-read barcodes, such as those on the intralogistics, or DPM barcodessuch as those in the automotive and electronics industries. The combination of a large field of view and an astonishing depth of field meet the highest speed demands found in the packaging industry. El Matrix 320 it works perfectly, even with a combination of printed codes and DPM on the same surface. It is designed to offer maximum performance in the most competitive conditions.

Boost your facilities

Anyone can install, configure and operate

Like the others Matrix readers, audience Matrix, comes with a wide range of mounting brackets, swivel connectors, and wiring options to cater for all types of installations. With a configuration “plug and play” To reduce setup time, it features an electronic focus adjustment when opting to use Liquid Lens Technology (LQL) for extreme reading flexibility. It's easy to remotely change focus between batches in a live production environment without opening or touching the device. Remote focus in LQL lends itself well when multiple images of the same object are required at different focal lengths. EL Matrix 320 also provides 360 ° multi-color visual status feedback, indicating if the camera is in setup mode (blue), or if a reading has been successful (verde) or not (Red).

Boost your security

Meet the demands in challenging moments

It has the unique advantage that it can be used by operators as a fixed reader instead of traditional handheld scanners in commercial applications. electronic and intralogistics. Increasing demands for hygiene and safety in the workplace are facilitated as operators do not need to maintain cleanliness of the scanner. This allows operators to concentrate on their activities while using a Matrix 320 Fixed to read barcodes on the move at high speed. The simple cross-projection aiming system and highly visible reading information on the label provide easy-to-see visual confirmation. In addition to increasing hygiene and contamination control, hands-free operation allows for increased line efficiency in a wide variety of industries and applications.

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ZEBRA Aurora ™ brings a new level of elegance and simplicity to control company-wide logistics and manufacturing automation solutions. This powerful interface makes it easy to set up, deploy and commission all fixed industrial scanners and intelligent machine vision cameras, while eliminating the need for different applications.


The incredible range grows with your business. Add the features you need at any time with a simple software license, no need to buy new devices for new features. Support new symbologies. Increase the scanning speed.


They have applied decades of experience in process automation to the development of our next-generation products. The result? Innovative features that bring a new level of simplicity and reliability to logistics and manufacturing automation solutions, like ImagePerfect +, PRZM Intelligent Imaging, PoE +, Golden Image Compare, and much more.


Today's shoppers can buy anytime, anywhere, creating enormous pressures that spread throughout the supply chain. Fixed industrial scanning and machine vision solutions from ZEBRA they allow you to easily configure, implement and run the processes that drive your business. Maximize your performance, exceed your potential and delight your customers.

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Zebra's Gamma IA catalog




Granit 1990iXR & 1991iXR Ultra-Rugged Extended Range Scanners

Ensure maximum productivity and uptime with the ultra-rugged Granit ™ 1990iXR and 1991iXR Extended Range Barcode Scanners. Best in class durability to ensure low TCO. Superior scanning performance ensures that even poor quality or corrupted codes can be read quickly. Granit XP expands features and redefines ultra-rugged scanning.

Siguiendo un legado de implementaciones con éxito, la próxima generación de escáneres Granit™ XP expande sus funciones y redefine el escaneado ultrarrestistente. Con la mejor resistencia a caídas de su clase (3 m), el Granit™ XP está diseñado para seguir funcionando tras impactos al caer desde muelles de carga, carretillas elevadoras y de recogida. La prueba de caídas desde 1 m indica una durabilidad a largo plazo con golpes y caídas desde la estación de trabajo o desde la altura de la cintura diarios. Su resistencia a 7000 golpes, la mejor en su clase, garantiza que los escáneres Granit™ están listos para funcionar a largo plazo. Y tienen protección de sellado contra polvo y humedad IP67 para escanear en condiciones exigentes.

Con tecnología FlexRange, los modelos Granit 1990iXR y 1991iXR empiezan con el escaneado de zonas cercanas y se expanden para leer códigos UPC desde hasta 1,5 m, y etiquetas de 2.54 mm desde 10 m, pudiendo afrontar sin problemas diversos flujos de trabajo en almacenes/centros de distribución y de fabricación. En común tener etiquetas en mal estado en almacenes/centros de distribución debido a la baja calidad de impresión o al daño que sufren durante su manipulación. Granit XP, construido sobre la plataforma de generación de imagen de próxima generación de Honeywell, se asegura de que las etiquetas que supondrían un problema de otra manera no creen un cuello de botella en su proceso.

The Granit ™ XP 1990iXR and 1991iXR models offer high durability and scanning performance for scanning operations from contact to the top shelf of a warehouse. Created for applications where high speed scanning is necessary to maximize productivity and where durability is essential to keep cost of ownership low, the Granit ™ XP 1990iXR and 1991iXR scanners offer the perfect solution.

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Wearable 8680i



The portable mini 8680i portable terminal is Honeywell's most advanced, compact and ergonomic high-performance Bluetooth-compliant scanning solution; It can be carried with one hand and is designed to help companies streamline high-volume workflows such as picking, sorting, stocking, and packing, increasing speed and efficiency with each transaction.

The 8680 Smart Mobile Terminal is a compact, high-performance wireless hands-free scanner designed to improve business workflow efficiency.
The standard version offers a lightweight and ergonomic Bluetooth® compatible portable reading terminal that also provides accurate communication of wireless connection, battery status and scan results.

The advanced model of the 8680i smart handheld terminal is equipped with Wi-Fi and a customizable user-facing display, enabling support for workflows
optimized on a single device. The device displays key information to the worker so that they can perform picking, packing, or sorting tasks, as well as the interface
Two-button allows task-specific responses (for example, confirm the completion of the action or mark an exception).

Configuration options allow you to adapt the 8680i to your environment. It is available in two formats: two-finger ring or glove (coming soon); and can be used with slim or long life batteries to suit duty cycle, shift length, and size / weight priorities. Available in a standard version for simple Bluetooth-compliant data capture or an advanced version that works independently for targeted workflows, the 8680i smart handheld adds efficiency and effectiveness to the most common tasks.

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Scorpio X5


Get the most advanced portable terminal with keyboard on the market

The new Skorpio X5 allows companies to retail, Transport and logistics, manufacturing Y healthcare reach new levels of reliability and flexibility. It offers everything that companies need to ensure maximum productivity and stand out in the market in terms of effectiveness and efficiency. In addition to bringing together all the benefits expected of a professional mobile computer, our customers' goal is to continue to satisfy legacy data collection processes. The Skorpio X5 also features the latest generation of scan engines specifically designed and developed by Datalogic. Workers can immediately read any barcode, in any condition, whether the labels are damaged or scratched, visible or covered. Increased productivity and reduced error rate in operations means increased profitability. The latest technology of the latest generation operating system and the reading engines that it has integrated guarantee intuitive use, a better user experience, stability and security. The extraordinary features of the Skorpio X5 fully satisfy all customer requests, unlike the equivalent devices of the competition. The Skorpio X5 is more.

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First multi-protocol variable frequency drive with corrosion detection

The latest FR-E800 series of drives offers PLC functionality and closed loop control, predictive maintenance functions, Ethernet protocols, and built-in corrosion alert on electronics.

Mitsubishi Electric ha lanzado una serie de variadores de frecuencia muy flexibles y compactos con múltiples protocolos de comunicaciones, incluyendo CC-Link IE TSN (Time Sensitive Networking), Profinet, Ethernet-IP, EtherCAT*, Modbus TCP, entre otras. Estas redes con un gran ancho de banda se incorporan para apoyar las necesidades de las fábricas inteligentes. Sectores como la producción de maquinaria para la automoción, alimentación, farmacéutico y tratamiento de aguas se beneficiarán de las capacidades de control. Mediante el uso de la IA, el FR-E800 reduce el tiempo de inactividad gracias a sus amplias capacidades de mantenimiento predictivo que incluyen el primer sistema de alerta por corrosión del mundo. Los variadores también logran un control de alto rendimiento de los motores de inducción y de imanes permanentes hasta el nivel de integridad de seguridad (SIL) 3.

The FR-E800 series offers greater flexibility by incorporating multiple protocols without the need for additional cards. Major industrial Ethernet networks are supported as standard, including CC-Link IE TSN. Network flexibility is also increased by the two built-in Ethernet ports that support line, ring, and star topologies.

To improve predictive maintenance, the drive features the industry's first corrosive gas environment detection circuit. In conjunction with the AI ​​diagnostics technology in Mitsubishi Electric drives, this helps reduce overall downtime by allowing early identification and resolution of error causes without the need for specialized skills.

To maintain safety and productivity, the drive supports SIL2 and 3PLe safety standards. Security functionality is built in as standard without the need for a encoder and includes features like Safe Torque Off (STO), Safe Stop 1 (SS1), Safe Brake Control (SBC) y Safe Speed Monitor (SSM).

The built-in PLC functionality that is configured through the FR-Configurator2 software allows for enhanced and personalized control. Thanks to this PLC, the drive is equipped with greater intelligence, allowing multiple units to be controlled by a single E800 master, saving the cost of an external PLC. The FR-E800 has an advanced autotuning that allows driving surface permanent magnet (SPM), internal permanent magnet (IPM) motors and, soon, synchronous reluctance motors. Control modes are supported including closed loop vector control (with encoder), real open loop vector control (without encoder), and open loop positioning.

With scalable power for a variety of applications, the FR-E800 series has a power of 0.1 kW to 7.5 kW that will be expanded in the future to 22kW *, in voltages of 220, 400 and 575 V three-phase.

1 * Available from 2021




"The FX5UJ PLC arrives to offer the OEM a profitable and robust solution"

The new Mitsubishi Electric FX5UJ PLC is positioned as an intermediate solution with great potential in today's market. The new control system has been launched to offer the machine builder a cost-effective solution that retains the durability, robustness and precision of the Japanese brand.
Performance has been improved without losing ease of use, a value that Mitsubishi Electric considers essential for its customers. We emphasize that the FX5UJ, which can already have up to 256 control points with a built-in 24, 40 and 60 Input and Output (I / O) CPU module, provides excellent performance for a wide range of applications at a cost effective price, and It includes
the diverse range of functions incorporated in the superior FX5U series.

We have a launch promotion until the end of the year at the following link:

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