Scorpio X5


Get the most advanced portable terminal with keyboard on the market

The new Skorpio X5 allows companies to retail, Transport and logistics, manufacturing Y healthcare alcanzar nuevos niveles de fiabilidad y flexibilidad. Ofrece todo lo que las empresas necesitan para garantizar la máxima productividad y destacar en el mercado en términos de eficacia y eficiencia. Además de reunir todos los beneficios que se esperan de un terminal portátil profesional, el objetivo de nuestros clientes es seguir satisfaciendo los procesos de recopilación de datos heredados. El Skorpio X5 también cuenta con la última generación de motores de escaneo diseñados y desarrollados específicamente por Datalogic. Los trabajadores pueden leer inmediatamente cualquier código de barras, en cualquier condición, ya sean etiquetas dañadas o rayadas, visibles o cubiertas. El aumento de la productividad y la reducción de la tasa de error en las operaciones significa aumentar la rentabilidad. La última tecnología del sistema operativo de última generación y los motores de lectura que lleva integrado garantizan un uso intuitivo, una mejor experiencia de usuario, estabilidad y seguridad. Las extraordinarias características del Skorpio X5 satisfacen plenamente todas las peticiones de los clientes, a diferencia de los dispositivos equivalentes de la competencia. El Skorpio X5 es más.

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First multi-protocol variable frequency drive with corrosion detection

The latest FR-E800 series of drives offers PLC functionality and closed loop control, predictive maintenance functions, Ethernet protocols, and built-in corrosion alert on electronics.

Mitsubishi Electric ha lanzado una serie de variadores de frecuencia muy flexibles y compactos con múltiples protocolos de comunicaciones, incluyendo CC-Link IE TSN (Time Sensitive Networking), Profinet, Ethernet-IP, EtherCAT*, Modbus TCP, entre otras. Estas redes con un gran ancho de banda se incorporan para apoyar las necesidades de las fábricas inteligentes. Sectores como la producción de maquinaria para la automoción, alimentación, farmacéutico y tratamiento de aguas se beneficiarán de las capacidades de control. Mediante el uso de la IA, el FR-E800 reduce el tiempo de inactividad gracias a sus amplias capacidades de mantenimiento predictivo que incluyen el primer sistema de alerta por corrosión del mundo. Los variadores también logran un control de alto rendimiento de los motores de inducción y de imanes permanentes hasta el nivel de integridad de seguridad (SIL) 3.

The FR-E800 series offers greater flexibility by incorporating multiple protocols without the need for additional cards. Major industrial Ethernet networks are supported as standard, including CC-Link IE TSN. Network flexibility is also increased by the two built-in Ethernet ports that support line, ring, and star topologies.

To improve predictive maintenance, the drive features the industry's first corrosive gas environment detection circuit. In conjunction with the AI ​​diagnostics technology in Mitsubishi Electric drives, this helps reduce overall downtime by allowing early identification and resolution of error causes without the need for specialized skills.

To maintain safety and productivity, the drive supports SIL2 and 3PLe safety standards. Security functionality is built in as standard without the need for a encoder and includes features like Safe Torque Off (STO), Safe Stop 1 (SS1), Safe Brake Control (SBC) y Safe Speed Monitor (SSM).

The built-in PLC functionality that is configured through the FR-Configurator2 software allows for enhanced and personalized control. Thanks to this PLC, the drive is equipped with greater intelligence, allowing multiple units to be controlled by a single E800 master, saving the cost of an external PLC. The FR-E800 has an advanced autotuning that allows driving surface permanent magnet (SPM), internal permanent magnet (IPM) motors and, soon, synchronous reluctance motors. Control modes are supported including closed loop vector control (with encoder), real open loop vector control (without encoder), and open loop positioning.

With scalable power for a variety of applications, the FR-E800 series has a power of 0.1 kW to 7.5 kW that will be expanded in the future to 22kW *, in voltages of 220, 400 and 575 V three-phase.

1 * Available from 2021




"The FX5UJ PLC arrives to offer the OEM a profitable and robust solution"

The new Mitsubishi Electric FX5UJ PLC is positioned as an intermediate solution with great potential in today's market. The new control system has been launched to offer the machine builder a cost-effective solution that retains the durability, robustness and precision of the Japanese brand.
Performance has been improved without losing ease of use, a value that Mitsubishi Electric considers essential for its customers. We emphasize that the FX5UJ, which can already have up to 256 control points with a built-in 24, 40 and 60 Input and Output (I / O) CPU module, provides excellent performance for a wide range of applications at a cost effective price, and It includes
the diverse range of functions incorporated in the superior FX5U series.

We have a launch promotion until the end of the year at the following link:

Promo FX5J


New Outlet section


New Outlet section

We have created a new section dedicated to promoting new items that for various reasons we have in stock

In general, they are products that belong to order items, of which some units are left over.

Take advantage of the opportunity to find the solution at the best price





The new vision for smart factories

Datalogic is pleased to announce the new Smart Vision Sensor (Smart-VS): the new innovative solution for your automated processes. The Smart-VS is the ideal and unique solution for all applications where the integration of a sensor system is too complicated or where the use of a vision system is not affordable.




AV500 ™ - high performance camera
We are introducing the AV500 with a camera 5 MP high performance processing system
integrated images dedicated to automatic identification codes on packages moving. The
focus dynamic variable mode of the optical system increases the working depth of the field
camera. SyncNet grouping allows readers reading areas extended. Captured images
stored on board and optionally transferred to external locations through connectivity
Integrated Ethernet. The robust metal frame, the IP65 and temperature
operation of up to 50 ° C guarantee a life cycle prolonged even in industrial environments
hostile. The Web Interface "e-Genius" provides an easy installation and configuration.

The AV500 allows a wide range of applications covered never before by a camera of this caliber.
Thanks to the extraordinary acquisition rate 32 fps at very high resolution, is the solution
perfect for high speed conveyors of different sizes. With the AV500, no longer needed
multiple read attempts; Large area coverage in a single image and lighting red or
White, enable the highest performance and maximum ease of use. PackTrack patented technology
Datalogic also allows minimal gaps between packets.


Happy Holidays!


From New Control Solutions we want to thank your company for the year 2019, and wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2020.

A hug.


Rhino II


Rhino II™ Vehicle Mount Computer

Rhino truck terminal II ™, available in 10 '' and 12 '', meets the standards of robustness in the warehouse.

Rhino truck terminal II ™, available in 10 '' and 12 '', meets the standards of robustness in the warehouse. Industrial protection IP65 / IP67 tested securing applications in the harshest environments. There is a model with integrated heating cold on the screen for indoor and outdoor use. Capacitive touch models have an integral antiglare 3 mm allowing use with gloves glass.

Ideal solutions for warehouse management, the Rhino truck terminal increases productivity through easy integration with industrial PowerScan handheld reader devices and other automatic data capture.

The Rhino II lets you choose between multiple operating systems: Windows Embedded Compact 7 (WEC7), Windows Embedded Standard 7, Windows 10 IoT Enterprise and the new Android ™ 7.1


A memory 10


The new Memor ™ PDA 10 PDA is one of the most advanced and competitive devices that Datalogic has launched in recent years!

The superior performance of this full touch Android ™ PDA allows its use in a multitude of applications in various environments.

Memor PDA 10 provides the power and performance of a smartphone and a user-friendly experience in a thin, compact device with integrated 2D imager. It also features the first wireless charging system for a load Datalogic without ultra reliable contacts combined with an interchangeable battery for increased operational advantage.

The PDA 10 also includes a Memor octa-core generation platform Android 8.1 (Oreo) with GMS. These specifications were highly valued by Google, who validated the PDA Memor 10 as one of the first mobile devices to join its 'Android Enterprise Recommended' for rugged devices!

The Memor 10 PDA is also available in a version Healthcare includes the same features as the standard but with a housing that can be cleaned and accessories specific version.

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Levante is in!


Industrial activity in the area of ​​Levante is one of the most important in the country.

For this reason, we have opened a new office in Paterna to better perform our activity in the vicinity.

We take this opportunity to introduce Raúl Climent as our new sales representative.

Office address:


building Onofre

Traders Street, 1st Floor 3-

46980 Paterna (Valencia)

Phone: +34 961 366 714